This line is a connection between the Marino and Santa Maria delle Mole Train Stations to the main line, Line 11.

Line 14 connects to the main Castelli Romani line, line 11.

With it, you can reach two train stations: Marino and Santa Maria delle Mole, pedaling immersed in the Marino/Castel De Paolis countryside.


Find points of interest , follow the icons on the Map Legend, you will find exclusive promotional discounts for Roman'Bike Card holders.

In terms of safety, the route of line #14 alternates between stretches traveled on dirt roads (Marino countryside) and roads open to car traffic.

We recommend exercising caution while riding in the city's urban traffic.

It is strongly recommended that you always wear a protective helmet while riding and that you secure your bicycle with a chain and lock at every stopping point along the route.

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More Maps We don't want to make our cyclists miss anything, that's why here you will find the possibility to use the route on different flats.

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