Discover by bicycle the beautiful Appia Antica Regional Park, pedal past tombs, burial mounds and remnants of Ancient Rome. Explore the Aqueduct Park or choose to visit one of the Catacombs on the Via Appia Antica.


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In terms of safety, the 100% of Line #AW1 takes place within the Appia Antica Regional Park. The route runs on carefully chosen roads, but some sections are traveled on roads open to car traffic, it is inevitable to connect the Appian Way to the Aqueducts Park, and the Tor Fiscale Park to the Caffarella Park.

It is strongly recommended that you always wear a protective helmet while riding and that you secure your bicycle with a chain and lock at every stopping point along the route.

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More Maps We don't want to make our cyclists miss anything, that's why here you will find the possibility to use the route on different flats.

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