We introduce ourselves !

Live a unique experience in Rome, immerse yourself in nature
And sleep under the stars!

The first glamping in Rome!

StarsBOX is an all-night fairy tale, a creative exercise in simple, childlike authenticity."

It is much more than a nest: it is a synthesis of shelter and travel; it is a box of dreams, where to get drunk on stars and light up with fresh dawns. Part tent and part hut, it offers protection but can open to the sky to showcase the most aesthetically pleasing things nature has to offer.

A StarsBOX is little more than a double bed, where you can decide to stay overnight by opening its fully opening roof to admire the stars.

Our little wedding favor is nestled in an olive grove of a historic agricultural estate located in the Appia Antica Regional Park, the largest protected urban area in Europe.

Here history, archaeology, and nature come together to create an open-air museum that winds for more than 16 kilometers, always walkable and alternating with nature, imperial villas, and aqueducts.

Content of the offer

Discount of 10% on Package with e-Bike Tour for all owners of the Rome 'N Bike Card.

Reservations are appreciated.


Tel: +39 3338926204
Email: info@bicycl-e.com

Addresses on Rome:

Via Appia Antica 300 - 00178 Rome